Reach Summit

For Freelancers

A free online event packed with actionable steps to help you scale your business and generate more income in 2020

During our fifth annual summit, you’ll take away actionable steps for you to increase your business impact as a freelancer despite time constraints. Hear from expert speakers on the issues important to you and your freelance career, such as finding the right clients and getting booked without burning out. Register and join us for free!

"Selling online courses has been a game-changer in terms of monetizing my travel blog. Best of all, it allows me to make money in a way that truly helps my community, by delivering wisdom, strategies, and support that can benefit their lives."

- Jessie Festa

"I went from creating small, inexpensive courses to large courses that resulted in 5-figure income months. This is the perfect solution for service-based entrepreneurs who want to scale their business."

- Julie Stoian

Here are some of the challenges freelancers face—and how the Teachable Reach Summit can help.

Make the Most of Your Time

You’re often thinking about securing your next job—without burning out or feeling guilty for taking time off. You’ll learn how to scale by offering online courses so you can generate more income on your own schedule.

Take on Passion Projects

As a freelancer, you’re already pursuing your passion—for the most part. We’ll show you how online courses allow you to create more financial flexibility so you can accept the projects that excite you most.

Generate Reliable Income

Few things matter more in your freelance career than simply knowing when your next paycheck is coming in. Hear from speakers who added a new income stream through online courses to alleviate some of that pressure.

Reach More People

When more potential clients know who you are, more ongoing opportunities open up. See how reaching your existing audience—or an entirely new one— directly through online courses can help you expand your impact.

Schedule of Events

7 Steps to Add a New Income Stream by Teaching the Skills You Have

Ankur Nagpal & Jess Catorc

In this can’t-miss opening session, you’ll learn how freelancers can successfully use their specific skills to create profitable online courses. We’ll show you how to launch a successful online course with our proven 7-step process, plus everything you need to launch in the next month (not a year from now!).

11:00 a.m. EDT1:00 p.m. EDT

How to Connect with Your Clients—and Gain New Ones—Through the Power of Email

Laura Belgray

Laura dives into how freelancers can use email as your most powerful marketing edge, and why email beats other social media by a landslide. She’ll also show you how to speak to your customers in a way that genuinely resonates with them, plus give you ten sneaky tricks to cut through the inbox clutter and write emails people actually open, read, and take action on.

2:00 p.m. EDT3:30 p.m. EDT

The Freelancer’s Advantage with Online Courses

Lauren Hom, Dallin Nead, and David Drazil

In this panel, you’ll hear the real-life journeys of freelancers who have unlocked the power of incorporating online courses into their existing business model. We’ll dive into how they’re using them, how you can identify the right part of your area of expertise to turn into a profitable online course, and tips for creating your first digital product to scale your business.

6:00 p.m. EDT7:00 p.m. EDT

How to Build Your Brand and Become an Authority in Your Market

Nathan Chan

Nathan Chan, founder of Foundr magazine, shares his strategies and framework for becoming a leader in your space (no matter how niche it may be). He’ll also share tips for networking with thought-leaders and establishing your brand authority.

8:00 p.m. EDT9:30 p.m. EDT

Reach Summit

For Freelancers

A free online event packed with actionable steps to help you scale and monetize your content in 2020

At Teachable

We believe your knowledge is your greatest asset. Consider us partners in your business growth. We’ve worked with talented freelancers and business owners across industries for nearly six years, helping them leverage their expertise and make money through online courses. With extensive, simple-to-use features—including advanced customization, student list segmentation, and integrated payment processing—we give you all the tools you need to set up a profitable online school.


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Is the 2020 Teachable Reach Summit for me?

If you’re ready to reach new heights in your freelance career, then yes—Reach Summit is for you! Our speakers are freelancers who have turned their knowledge into a sustainable income by teaching online courses. They’ll address the major challenges and opportunities for growth most relevant to you to help you earn a sustainable, reliable freelance income for many years to come.

There are so many other people already teaching courses in my area. Is there room for me?

Of course! First of all, if there is a ton of content in your area, that just means the demand is high. Plus, your knowledge is more specialized than you might think and you have unique insight to share. We’ll help you drill down your niche and figure out a course topic that will resonate with your audience and position you as an authority in your industry.

What if I’m just getting started in my freelance career?

It’s common for people just starting out to experience imposter syndrome and feel like they don’t belong. But trust us, community is everything for freelancers. During Reach Summit, you’ll hear valuable insights and time-tested strategies from freelancers who have been exactly where you are now.

I can’t attend the live sessions. Are there other options?

Yes. We understand your schedule is packed. As long as you register ahead of time, you’ll have access to all sessions for a limited time beyond the event date. (That said, special perks are offered to action-takers who join live, so please try to make it if you can!)

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Reach Summit

For Freelancers

A free online event packed with actionable steps to help you scale and monetize your content in 2020

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